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Fake doctors are another scam to look out for in places like India. Many doctors are just untrained scam artists.  Others want to inflate the medical bills with fake charges and split the money the insurance will pay.  The United States has the largest medical scam in the World. Insurance companies charge three times more than Europe. They also make three times more than European medical insurance companies in Europe. Now the government is forcing you to buy this fake, overpriced insurance under a plan called Obamacare. Most people’s insurance went up in price, not down as promised. Did you know insurance companies stall to pay all medical claims? They wait as long as possible to pay claims. They also deny and lose claims that should be covered, hoping you will pay them.  People who work at these insurance companies know this and see it every day. But they stay quiet or they will get fired and lose their benefits.  That’s why the scandal at the VA went on for so long, there are a lot of people trying to cover it up.  It’s a huge business. The medical deductibles are so high 99% of people will never reach them.  So what are you paying for? You are paying for very sick people, stock holder profits, and the CEO multimillion dollar salary. When you do reach your deductible, expect a bill in the mail.  Plan on spending  a few hours on the phone to sort it out. These crooks have people telling you, your bill is not covered when it really is.

To make it worse the hospitals are a profit making scam as well.  They charge the insurance companies for every test they can think up. That’s why its cost $50,000 for two days in the hospital with a barrage of  tests.  If you plan on paying your hospital bill in cash expect to get kicked out of there fast.  They only want insured customers, I mean patients. Try going to a hospital in a foreign country with socialized medicine and see the difference. US hospitals keep the scam going by saying how much better their care is.  It is better, for 10% who can afford it.  The other 90% of Americans are just being scammed by the industrial medical complex.