Travel Scam

travel scam scam
There are many scams in foreign countries but the pyramid scam is a popular one. Usually the locals get tricked by this one but a2z vacations scam department says tourists get sucked in as well.  A local investment company is promising 50% returns and lots of people are getting them.  Step one is to payout the 50% so more people invest.  Around 100 people invested on the first found in the top of the pyramid scheme.  Once the original 100 investors get paid, greed makes most reinvest for the second round which brings in 1,000 more people.  They all get paid again and most reinvest again so the pyramid hasn’t really paid out any money.  Now 10,000 more eager people invest.  The game is over and the pyramid originators close the investment firm.  They walk away with 10,000 people’s life savings. The sad part is people have sold the investment to their friends and family. All have lost all their investment.  It’s ok, in a few months a new pyramid pops up. People who missed the chance to invest, jump right in thinking they are on the top of the pyramid who do get paid. It’s as simple as gambling, everyone loses in the end.  Those who lost money start their own pyramids as well to recoup their losses.  On the other hand, Mexico is a dangerous place and tourists should avoid it like the plague. There is a new hotel kidnapping scam. Face police call your hotel room and say that you will have to move hotels due to a drug sweep operation in the area.   You are notifies that there is a taxi waiting for you downstairs that will take you to a new hotel.  An official may even come to your room to escort you and your bags without getting your hotel involved. Once you get in the taxi you are kidnapped and held for ransom.