Scam Warnings

Likuliku Lagoon Resort, Malolo Island, Mamanucas, Fiji a2z vacations scam

A2Z Vacations Scam alert wants you to look out for black widows on your vacation.  These are not spiders, they are women. They women want to take your money by any means possible.   Some will lead you to a restaurant and have you by her a few drinks.  Then you get the bill and its ten times what it should be.  Even worse, she may slip some white powder into your drink to knock you out.  After she has drugged your drink she will take you somewhere while you can still walk.  Then when you fall asleep she will take everything of value you have.  You may wake up naked in an alley not knowing where you are or remembering anything.  There are hundreds of variations of this all involving a pretty woman.  She may just lead you to an alley where you are robbed at gunpoint. She may sleep with you and when you go to sleep she slips out of your hotel room with your wallet. A black widow will go home with your watch, cash and electronics on a good night.

Another scam at popular tourist destinations is the instant travel guide.  These people will try to be your friend around popular tourist destinations. They will lead you to stores where their friends working there will over charge you. They will take you to get drinks that cost ten times the normal amount.  They will plant drugs on you and call their police friends. Do you still want to make new friends?  People are always the biggest threat anywhere in the world. We recommend you bring your own friends.

Beach blanket bingo is a beach scam as you would have guesses.  Two women come up to you on the beach.  One distracts you with a massage while the other finds and buries your wallet. It’s easy to get distracted by a woman’s beauty.  When you figure out your wallet is missing they are innocent because they can’t hide your wallet in their bikini. Once you leave they dig your wallet back up and the show goes on.